To bring together members with varying levels of experience to share their successes and challenges around the stewardship of archaeological data to create a sub-network. Practical and ethical considerations will be explored including encouragements and resistances to sharing data and making it openly accessible within archaeology, and who is legally required to fund the short and long-term costs of preservation. This Working Group will be the starting point for those new to the main aim of SEADDA and who wish to begin or progress dialogue in their region, country.


  • Survey of state-of-the-art for preservation and dissemination within Europe
  • Develop a European network of contacts, and determine which are well placed to host data management and stewardship workshops within their countries
  • Organise an exploratory workshop on stewardship to define format and content most useful for data management and stewardship workshops, and a discussion workshop to synthesise
    the findings of the survey and create resources that can be used to inform key decision-makers for with regard to stewardship, e.g. position papers
  • Create an open access publication on the current state-of-the-art of the stewardship of archaeological data in Europe