To identify the practical and technical issues surrounding the creation of an appropriate repository for archaeological data. This will range from understanding hardware and software options
for those wishing to initiate a repository in their country, management structures, and the training of archivists. It will identify existing best practice, changing future needs, and pragmatic technical and structural solutions.


  • Survey of current hardware and software options for archiving archaeological data
  • Organise exploratory workshop on practical issues around repository creation
  • Organise discussion workshop on repository implementation
  • Create practical materials for workshops organised by WG1
  • Create open access publication on experiences of new and emerging archives


Working Group 2 Activities
  • SEADDA WG2 COPTR edit-a-thon for 3D data
    Earlier this year, Working Group 2 (WG2) organised a COPTR edit-a-thon for 3D data. You may ask yourself now: What is COPTR? What is an edit-a-thon? To explain, let’s start from the beginning. One of the tasks and deliverables of WG2 is to provide a survey of current hardware and software options for archiving archaeological data. At the outset of SEADDA, back in 2019, we set up a shared spreadsheet to collect software and tools, for which a suitable publication format had yet to be thought of. Many similar lists already exist, but they usually grow out of date quickly. … Read more
  • Moving the SEADDA COST Action online at CHNT Vienna
    The SEADDA COST Action was invited to present Challenges and opportunities in virtual archaeological data stewardship: Moving SEADDA COST Action online at the International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (CHNT) 2021 (Nov. 2 – 4) in Vienna, Austria. Holly Wright from the Archaeology Data Service in York, UK gave the presentation, which examined adapting an in-person networking project to a virtual environment due to the onset of COVID-19. COST Actions fund and create research connections between innovators and researchers in the science and technology fields. Traditionally this is accomplished through Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) workshops, training sessions, and … Read more
  • First SEADDA Working Group Meeting in Zagreb!
    Our Croatian members very kindly agreed to host our WG kick-off meetings at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, on 18-20 June. We chose to have them all run consecutively rather than use breakout sessions, as many partners have indicated they would like to attend all the WGs (at least in the first instance). After a Management Committee meeting, members began with a discussion of general planning to understand the necessary outcomes for the WGs. This was followed by an excellent tour of the museum by Ivan Radman, and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a reception … Read more