Map of countries who participated in the Internet Archaeology issue.

We are excited to promote a SEADDA themed issue in Internet Archaeology, “Digital Archiving in Archaeology: State of the Art” published this past year. The publication was a collaborative effort between SEADDA COST Action and the European Archaeology Consilium (EAC). The issue features 19 articles submitted by presenters, participants and attendees of the SEADDA workshop hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden by the Swedish National Data Service in November 2019.


Julian D. Richards, Ulf Jakobsson, David Novák, Benjamin Štular and Holly Wright

Martina Trognitz

David Novák, Martin Kuna and Olga Lečbychová

Piraye Hacıgüzeller, Koen Van Daele, Frank Carpentier and Raf Ribbens

Stewardship of Digital Archaeological Data in Greece: a landscape of fragmentation

Despoina Tsiafaki and Markos Katsianis

Digital Archaeological Archiving in Israel

Sveta Matskevich and Liat Weinblum

Digitisation and Data Management of Archaeological Heritage in Serbia (1991-2020)

Marija Šegan-Radonjić and Milica Tapavički-Ilić

Archaeological Digital Archiving in Heritage Management in Slovakia

Peter Bisták, Ján Zachar, Alexandra Rášová, Tibor Lieskovský, Ivica Kravjanská, Martina Orosová, Kristína Kročková and Michal Felcan

A Turn Towards the Digital. An Overview of Swedish Heritage Information Management Today

Daniel Löwenborg, Maria Jonsson, Åsa Larsson and Johan Nordinge

Archaeological Digital Archiving in Turkey

Nurdan Atalan Çayırezmez, Piraye Hacıgüzeller and Tuna Kalayci

Digital Archiving and Data Stewardship in French Archaeology

Amala Marx, Kai Salas Rossenbach and Emmanuelle Bryas

Policy and Practice for Digital Archaeological Archiving in Italy

Elena Calandra, Valeria Boi, Annalisa Falcone, Valeria Acconcia, Sara Di Giorgio, Flavia Massara and Paola Ronzino

Curation of Digital Archaeological Data in Norway

Mieko Matsumoto and Espen Uleberg

SEADDA Themed Issue in Internet Archaeology