To understand current international best practice with regard to archiving and dissemination, and implementation by existing repositories. It will include best practice using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model, the FAIR Principles, and other international standards, along with repository accreditation, cost modelling, and issues surrounding the myriad forms of data generated and used within archaeology. It will also bring together archaeological digital archivists together in a formalised network for the first time to share current practice, and survey future trends to understand the changing archaeological and digital landscapes (domain and technology watch).


  • Survey of current practice within existing archives
  • Create sub-network of digital archivists within archaeology
  • Review of current international best practice guidance, providing expansion and improvement where needed
  • Organise exploratory workshop on current best practice within existing archives
  • Organise discussion workshop on future challenges and trends in the archaeological and digital domains
  • Create open access publication on current best practice and future challenges within archaeological data archives

WG3 Activities

Photo by Edward Lich under Pixabay License.

Exploratory Workshop for WG3:

Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice

The Exploratory Workshop for SEADDA’S Working Group 3 took place online on March 17, 2020. Even though we were, of course, disappointed for not meeting our colleagues in person at The Hague, we were able to record all presentations and discussions with the purpose of making them available online.