To understand current international best practice with regard to archiving and dissemination, and implementation by existing repositories. It will include best practice using the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) model, the FAIR Principles, and other international standards, along with repository accreditation, cost modelling, and issues surrounding the myriad forms of data generated and used within archaeology. It will also bring together archaeological digital archivists together in a formalised network for the first time to share current practice, and survey future trends to understand the changing archaeological and digital landscapes (domain and technology watch).


  • Survey of current practice within existing archives
  • Create sub-network of digital archivists within archaeology
  • Review of current international best practice guidance, providing expansion and improvement where needed
  • Organise exploratory workshop on current best practice within existing archives
  • Organise discussion workshop on future challenges and trends in the archaeological and digital domains
  • Create open access publication on current best practice and future challenges within archaeological data archives


Working Group 3 Activities
  • Data Management Policies and Practices of Digital Archaeological Repositories
    A new SEADDA WG3 publication in Internet Archaeology is here! ‘Data Management Policies and Practices of Digital Archaeological Repositories’, authored by Guntram Geser, Julian Richards, Flavia Massara and Holly Wright. https://doi.org/10.11141/ia.59.2 Between the 17th of June and the 19th of September 2021, ARIADNEplus and the COST Action SEADDA conducted an online survey from a total of 94 contacts, representing 60 digital archaeology repositories and 35 countries. This article presents the results of a survey of data management policies and practices of digital archaeological repositories in Europe and beyond. The survey was carried out in 2021 under the auspices of the … Read more
  • Moving the SEADDA COST Action online at CHNT Vienna
    The SEADDA COST Action was invited to present Challenges and opportunities in virtual archaeological data stewardship: Moving SEADDA COST Action online at the International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (CHNT) 2021 (Nov. 2 – 4) in Vienna, Austria. Holly Wright from the Archaeology Data Service in York, UK gave the presentation, which examined adapting an in-person networking project to a virtual environment due to the onset of COVID-19. COST Actions fund and create research connections between innovators and researchers in the science and technology fields. Traditionally this is accomplished through Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) workshops, training sessions, and … Read more
  • WG3 Exploratory Workshop Results!
    Exploratory Workshop for WG3: Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice The Exploratory Workshop for SEADDA’S Working Group 3 took place online on March 17, 2020. Even though we were, of course, disappointed for not meeting our colleagues in person at The Hague, we were able to record all presentations and discussions with the purpose of making them available online.   WG3 Exploratory Workshop   Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice 17 March – 2020       “An Institutional Perspective to Rescue Scholarly Orphans” by Herbert Van de Sompel   “Preferred Formats = Pre-FAIRed formats” by Valentijn Gilissen     “Archaeological small finds from … Read more
  • First SEADDA Working Group Meeting in Zagreb!
    Our Croatian members very kindly agreed to host our WG kick-off meetings at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, on 18-20 June. We chose to have them all run consecutively rather than use breakout sessions, as many partners have indicated they would like to attend all the WGs (at least in the first instance). After a Management Committee meeting, members began with a discussion of general planning to understand the necessary outcomes for the WGs. This was followed by an excellent tour of the museum by Ivan Radman, and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a reception … Read more