Photo by Pasi Mämmelä, provided under CC BY-SA 2.0.

The Exploratory Workshop for WG1: Stewardship of Archaeological Data was kindly hosted by the Swedish National Data Service in Gothenburg on 12 November, 2019. 

Each of the participants were asked to present their data stewardship situation within the context of five questions:

  1. Who (if anyone) is legally responsible for the long-term stewardship of archaeological data in the organization/region/country? Who should it be? Is it the right person/group?
  2. How would you encourage the long-term stewardship of archaeological data in your institution//region/country? What are the obstacles/resistances? What are the practical and ethical considerations?
  3. How would be best to encourage/articulate the benefits of making data open? What are the obstacles/resistances?
  4. Who do you think should fund the short and long-term costs of data stewardship in your institution/region/country?
  5. How can we work together to leverage change within your organizations/region/country?

The attached report includes a synthesis of the responses, along with the presentations.

SEADDA_WG1_Exploratory Workshop_Minutes_20191112

WG1 Exploratory Workshop Results!