Objective To understand how to optimise archives and interfaces to maximise the use and re-use of archaeological data, and explore how archaeological archives can better respond to user needs, and ways to document and understand both quantitative and qualitative re-use. This will include exploring barriers to re-use, such as intellectual property rights and licencing, but also design of underlying data structures and their interfaces. It will focus on initiatives like the FAIR Principles and technologies that improve and optimise searching, issues around how data is created, organised and disseminated, different options for interface design, and developing best practice around qualitative re-use.


  • Survey of archive search interfaces and underlying structures and technologies
  • Survey of qualitative analysis procedures and technologies to better understand re-use and barriers to re-use
  • Organise an exploratory workshop on current challenges around the use and re-use of archaeological data
  • Organise a discussion workshop on optimising archaeological data for re-use
  • Create an open access publication on the state-of-the-art of re-use of archaeological data, and future challenges
Working Group 4 Activities
  • 2022 WG1 and WG4 Discussion Workshops in Braga, Portugal
    Success! Members of SEADDA WG1 and WG4 were finally able to meet in person this past May in sunny Braga, Portugal. Discussion workshops took place over two days with 34 SEADDA members, representing 17 European countries meeting in-person to discuss and collaborate on key issues surrounding digital archaeological data. The events were hosted by SEADDA MC member Natália Botica at the Unidade de Arqueologia Edifício dos Congregados Avenida Central in Braga, Portugal. Both events were led by Dr. Holly Wright of the Archaeology Data Service in the UK, kicking off the WG1 workshop by greeting and thanking new and veteran … Read more
  • Moving the SEADDA COST Action online at CHNT Vienna
    The SEADDA COST Action was invited to present Challenges and opportunities in virtual archaeological data stewardship: Moving SEADDA COST Action online at the International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (CHNT) 2021 (Nov. 2 – 4) in Vienna, Austria. Holly Wright from the Archaeology Data Service in York, UK gave the presentation, which examined adapting an in-person networking project to a virtual environment due to the onset of COVID-19. COST Actions fund and create research connections between innovators and researchers in the science and technology fields. Traditionally this is accomplished through Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) workshops, training sessions, and … Read more
  • WG4 Exploratory Workshop Results!
    The Exploratory Workshop for WG4: Use and Re-Use of Archaeological Data was meant to be in York on 31 March – 2 April 2020, by the Archaeology Data Service, but we were able to quickly move it online… While we were of course disappointed not to host our colleagues in person, we are incredibly grateful for the support we received from presenters and attendees alike in moving the workshop online. While it was no substitute for being in the same place together, it was still a great success and we thank everyone for participating. All presentations and discussions were recorded. … Read more
  • First SEADDA Working Group Meeting in Zagreb!
    Our Croatian members very kindly agreed to host our WG kick-off meetings at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, on 18-20 June. We chose to have them all run consecutively rather than use breakout sessions, as many partners have indicated they would like to attend all the WGs (at least in the first instance). After a Management Committee meeting, members began with a discussion of general planning to understand the necessary outcomes for the WGs. This was followed by an excellent tour of the museum by Ivan Radman, and the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a reception … Read more