To understand how to optimise archives and interfaces to maximise the use and re-use of archaeological data, and explore how archaeological archives can better respond to user needs, and
ways to document and understand both quantitative and qualitative re-use. This will include exploring barriers to re-use, such as intellectual property rights and licencing, but also design of underlying data structures and their interfaces. It will focus on initiatives like the FAIR Principles and technologies that improve and optimise searching, issues around how data is created, organised and disseminated, different options for interface design, and developing best practice around qualitative re-use.


  • Survey of archive search interfaces and underlying structures and technologies
  • Survey of qualitative analysis procedures and technologies to better understand re-use and barriers to re-use
  • Organise an exploratory workshop on current challenges around the use and re-use of archaeological data
  • Organise a discussion workshop on optimising archaeological data for re-use
  • Create an open access publication on the state-of-the-art of re-use of archaeological data, and future challenges