Photo by Edward Lich under Pixabay License.

Exploratory Workshop for WG3:

Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice

The Exploratory Workshop for SEADDA’S Working Group 3 took place online on March 17, 2020. Even though we were, of course, disappointed for not meeting our colleagues in person at The Hague, we were able to record all presentations and discussions with the purpose of making them available online.


WG3 Exploratory Workshop


Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice

17 March – 2020




“An Institutional Perspective to Rescue Scholarly Orphans” by Herbert Van de Sompel


“Preferred Formats = Pre-FAIRed formats” by Valentijn Gilissen



“Archaeological small finds from field to file: Citizen science approach and data structure of the PAN-project” by Stijn Heeren


SEADDA Working Group 3 Discussion: Planning the work on Preservation and Dissemination Best Practice, moderated by Hella Hollander


We are incredibly grateful for the support received from presenters and attendees alike in hosting the workshop online. While it was no substitute for being in the same place together, it was still a great success and we thank everyone for participating.



WG3 Exploratory Workshop Results!