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SEADDA members will be interested in these opportunities offered by ARIADNEplus.


The ARIADNEplus project invites researchers to apply to participate in individual training visits to carry forwards their own research.  These opportunities are offered as part of ARIADNE’s Transnational Access (TNA) activities and calls for for applications will be opened every six months.

The 2019 call for applications is now open (closing date: Friday 12th October 2019).

We welcome applications from individuals with a scientific interest and ability to benefit from training in archaeological research data management. Click here for information about how to apply.

Sponsorship is available up to 700 euros per participant (to cover the cost of travel and accommodation) plus a tuition fee waiver. Bursaries are awarded on a competitive basis, according to the procedure described in the application pack and eligibility criteria below, and based upon the quality of the applicant, their proposed project, and their personal statement. Between 5-10 bursaries are available from ARIADNEplus in 2020 for each TNA centre listed below.

Applications were invited for access at the following centres:

1. Individual training: Mapping Existing Datasets to CIDOC-CRM (PIN)

Organizer: PIN; Venue: Prato, Italy

Duration: 3-5 days

Period: Access is offered between January and June 2020; exact dates by arrangement between the applicants and PIN.

Description of the TNA offered:

The goal is to enable researchers and professionals to map their datasets to the CIDOC CRM standard, an exercise required to integrate them into a wider framework such as the ARIADNE Infrastructure. The transnational access to PIN’s facilities will provide a summary background of CIDOC CRM, showing some case studies and some frequently used templates (e.g. for chronology, authorship, locations, etc.). The remaining time will be dedicated to developing the mappings of students’ case studies, which they will carry out under the supervision of specialists.

Pre-requisites: general knowledge of CIDOC CRM.

2. Individual training: Data Stewardship (UoY ADS.

Organizer: ADS; Venue: York, UK

Duration: 3 days

Period: Access is offered between January and June 2020; exact dates by arrangement between the applicants and ADS.

Description of the TNA offered:

ADS will support archaeologists and database managers in understanding data management best practice, and how it can be applied to your own data. Support will be provided for data management planning and design, with access to expertise within the most well-established archive of archaeological data in the world.

Pre-requisites: familiarity with archaeological data and/or the archaeological data needs and structures of your own project or organisation.

For more information on the ARIADNEplus website, click here.


ARIADNEplus Transnational Access Opportunities

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